I just realized reading news about the new Run The Jewls album that I had a dream in which Killer Mike made the, THE absolute best burrito. He was in this dream running a burrito food truck with a moderately long line making Burritos for people. But when I came up to order mine I asked him to make the burrito he wanted to make. This lead to Killer Mike saying “wait”. He left the food truck got on a scooter and went off. In my dream I followed him on his way to well, getting Cronuts downtown. This was an action packed part in which Killer Mike hurried to get downtown and then back.

When he finally came back he said “it would be worth the wait” and he proceeded to make a Burrito which was folded in a peculiar way. Something I’d find out why as I began eating it and it was like a regular, really, really good burrito, then due the folding, it opened up to the end part in which the filling was freaking cronuts. With a taste of chocolate, and nutty flavor (I have never had a cronut but in this dream I was freaking out about them). My lauding of that burrito made the line instantly grow freaking huge to which Killer Mike was very pleased. 

It was a strange but very, very delicious dream. 

 ”first ten songs on random thing.” Nominated by youmeandtheendofeverything

  1. The Hotelier - The Scope of All This Rebuilding
  2. Thrice - All the World Is Mad
  3. David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who
  4. milo - almost cut my hair (for Crosby)
  5. PG.99 - The Lonesome Waltz Of Leonard Cohen 
  6. These New Puritans - Dream
  7. Bon Iver - Flume
  8. Boards of Canada - You Could Feel the Sky
  9. She & Him - I Put a Spell on You (Live on Conan)
  10. Mixtapes - I Accept That

The five people I pick to do the same are:  slowsway, gilestori, corpsepose, spinalinjuries​ and sylskull


i want this to be played at my wedding and my funeral

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Alex G - Cards